martedì 26 ottobre 2010

Jewish fascists secure permit to march on arab neighbourhood to "commemorate" terrorist Kach founder

Jewish far right extremists are planning a provocative march to "commemorate" the offing of their ''Fuehrer'', the rabidly racist "rabbi" Meir Kahane who died unlamented in New York two decades ago.
Violent rethoric, incendiary stances, assemblies of fanatical devotees: in his times "rabbi" Kahane left no far-right stereotype untouched.
Modern-day followers of the "Kach" terrorist movement are dead set to gather strenght and convinction by celebrating the death of their "hero", just as like Nazis did celebrate the death of Horst Wessel and the fascist Romanian Iron Guard celebrated the death of Codreanu, no matter how despicable and reproachable the lives of all three were, and, to add fire to the flame, they intend to do so by marching through the streets of Um el Fahem, a bustling and crowded arab neighbourhood in israeli territory, in the hope of starting clashes with its Palestinian inhabitants.
Despite the "ban" which followed the 'Cave of the Patriarchs' massacre' Kach is still alive and well in racist Israel.
Given their deep-rooted contacts within the heavily far-right infiltrated israeli security forces Itamar Ben Gvir (pictured left) and Baruch Marzel (pictured right), the jewish kachist leaders, had no difficulties in securing a permit for their provocative march, the concession of which alone demonstrates the unity of intent between political extremists and the police/military community of Israel in leaving no approach untested to spark clashes and violences against the Palestinian community.
Meir Kahane is the semi-official "patron saint" of the present israeli approach toward the treatment of its sizeable arab minority, having theorized "ethnic cleansing" and "population swap" more than twenty years ago. Both options are nowadays fully integrated in israely policy, with plans drawn and drills and military maneuvers enacted to verify their expedite accomplishment in the foreseeable future.
More incriminating than any accusations are Kahane's own "works"; in this 1981 essay he advocated ethnic cleansing and apartheid against Palestine's native population.
Among the far-right israeli political spectrum the "Yisrael Beitenu" party, whose spokeman Avigdor Lieberman reserved for himself the strategic spot of foreign secretary, is perhaps the closest to the racialist and arabophobic stance of Kahane. Lieberman and his party were crucial for the passing of the racist law asking naturalized non-jewish citizens of Israel to "swear an oath of subservience" toward the state's "jewishness", thus implicitly recognizing and validating its ethnocratic 'master race' tenets.

The provocative march is scheduled to take place the coming Wednesday, on October the 27th.

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