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Israel's cozy relationship with dictators: South America (1)

In all of its history Israel has never ever been a friend of democracy, quite the contrary, his closest political and strategical alliances have always veered toward the rightist end of the political spectrum; this may sound odd or even offensive given the zionist claim of Israel being the homeland of those "persecuted by Fascism" and of "survivors of the Holocaust". A quick resume of the zionist political movement and its agenda, however, shows the inconsistency of this apparent contradiction: zionism is born in the final days of 19th century as a nationalistic and identitary movement bent on expropriating and colonizing a territory Cecil Rhodes-style, with a peculiar stress of avanguardism, pioneerism, "white man's burden" (albeit declined 'a la juive') and an increasing rethoric to "push back Asia" and to act as an "Outpost of Europe in Levant" once that Palestine was decided as the target of this colonial expropriation.

Now, this is nothing but the language of Fascism, liberally sprinkled with hefty doses of 'fin de siecle' racism in the mould of Gobineau and Chamberlain, now, to believe that a State born from such roots can turn anywhere else but to dictatorships for deals and alliances it's worse than stupidity, it's naivete.

Moreover, aligning itself with right wing dictators Israel multiplied its political clout in Washington many times over since the u.s. Congress, replete as it was with those pesky Democrats who seemed genuinely convinced of the inherent nastiness of fascists, always gave the 'good' CIA boys an hard time when it was time to fund and support "genuinely anti-communist" regimes during the heyday of East-West rivalry.

Israel, of course, had no such qualms, and engaged proficuously in arms trade, intelligence training and other extracurricular activity with some of the most cruel and repressive right wing tyrants on the world politics stage, almost with gusto. One arena where israelis were openly admired and seeked for was South America where the need of u.s. multinational companies to keep the vast downtrodden masses away from control of the natural wealths urged the creation and the upkeep of dozens and dozens of military juntas, which made sure no "left wing nutjob" ever challenged the preminency of the few families the companies liked to deal with, which were left in control of untold amounts of resources (the same ones people like Chavez, Correa, Lula and Morales have been using in the last few years to fuel the greatest narrowings of wealth divide ever seen in that continents).

One of the best known clients of Israel was certainly Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, the man who overthrew democratically elected Marxist president Salvador Allende, whose effort for the redistribution of wealth and nazionalization of copper giaciments weren't appreciated in the least by the executives of u.s. multinational ITT (which needed cheap copper to fuel the boom of consumer electronics). Pinochet had always been a fervent admirer of Israel and this won him many sympathies in the chilean jewish community, which counted some of the country's most influential businessmen and capitalists in its ranks (like the owner of the PEC newspaper Marcos Chamudes, or the retired right-wing senator Angel Faivovich), during his ascent through the military ranks Pinochet always went out to favor and place in influential positions like-minded filozionist officers, like jewish Brigadier Jose Berdichevsky Scher, who ordered the air strikes on the Moneda presidential palace during the Coup d'Etat on September the eleventh, 1973.

Prominent zionist jews from the ruling elite soon filled up many places in Pinochet's junta government like Sergio Melnick, who implemented the Friedmanite economic policies which all but annihilated the narrowing of the wealth divide brought upon by Allende in his time, restoring the class fence in Chile by the early 80s (and bringing about the workers' impoverishment which generated the 1983 riots), or the father-son duo of Miguel Schweitzer Speisky and Miguel Schweitzer Walters respectively Minister of (in)Justice and Minister of Foreign Relations (hence deeply involved in the politics of persecution and their whitewashing abroad).

Israel became a dependable and enthusiastic arms supplier for Pinochet's dictatorship, whose arsenal were literally flooded with weapons either discarded from israeli stocks (due to the less stringent requirements of South American arms races compared to Middle Eastern ones articles which were obsolete or obsolescent by the latter theatre's standards could remain perfectly viable for the former), funneled to Santiago via Israel's deep rooted contacts in the arms trafficking demi-monde or even directly produced by the jewish state.

One of the greatest successes of the Israeli arms industry has surely been the upgunning of the three main components of the chilean armoured forces during the 80s: by then Pinochet could count on WW2-vintage M24 Chaffee tanks from the Usa and israeli M51 Shermans (themsleves rebuilds of the world famous 1940-era tank); in order to avoid them being outmatched by Soviet-built peruvian tanks like T-55s and T-62s Israel upgraded both classes of vehicles with high-velocity sixty millimeters guns (60mm HVG) which, due to the high-density penetrator cores of the rounds they fired, were deemed potent enough to counter any AFV from bordering armies.

Pinochet's jewish accomplices were naturally more than helpful and happy of securing and cementing these military ties, we must remember that general Berdichevsky was appointed ambassador to Israel and that even today circa 20 years after the late Pinochet having relinquished power the chilean army (never purged or cleansed from right-wing filo-Pinochet elements) has a real penchant for Israeli weapons (whose acquiral directly funds and nourishes zionist Apartheid and the land-stealing settlement agenda): armoured cars fitted with the same 60mm HVGs of yore, AIR Storm armoured SUVs, Spike missile launchers, M-71 Soltam howitzers and LAR-160 rocket projectors.
From 1975 Chile became central in the concerted effort of all right-wing military dictatorships of Latin America to carry on a joint program of opponent stalking and assassination, known as "Operation Condor", instigated under pressure of the american CIA and patterned after the Vietnam-era "Program Phoenix"; this grisly campaign of murder and persecution could not take place without the assistance and aid of Israeli Mossad, whose agents were already heavily present in Chile and other South American countries as instructors and teachers of interrogation and torture method, and this will form the main part of our review's next chapter...

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