martedì 8 gennaio 2013

How the mighty have fallen: Sheik Raed Salah from Resistant to Traitor

An unusual English-language post on this blog (just an experiment to check the viability of translating at least part of our contents in Chaucer's tongue) which will address quite a painful subject for us. Recently a reader of us asked through our Facebook showcase why, after having covered his activities and tribulations in quite deep detail, we stopped mentioning Sheik Raed Salah altogether.
The answer can be found here: instead of keeping his activism focused on 1948-occupied Palestine and in carrying forward the banner of the legitimate Arab inhabitants thereof, fighting to uphold their inalienable rights in front of the jewish occupiers' onslaught, loathsome Apartheid policies and more and more brazenly open racism, Raed Salah chose to join the wahabi-qaedist anti-Assad bandwagon.

While the jewish occupation authorities harassed him at every step during his pro-palestine endeavours and forbade him to leave the country (or had him arrested for no reason in England, as we amply testified with articles and appeals, raising awareness about his plight and clamoring for his release), they happily let him leave for Istanbul where he joined a raucous and indecent neo-ottoman jamboree against Syria, its President and its people who refuses to be martyred, massacred and forced into a wahabi religious regime by foreign mercenaries and terrorists paid by the CIA and the Mossad to weaken the Iranian-Shia-Hezbollah 'Axis of Resistance'.

Raed Salah became a traitorous buffoon and a puppet without honour or credibility and as such is below the standards of relevance which would make the editors of "PALAESTINA FELIX" interested in any of his initiatives or activities ever again, we only hope for him to be able to live long enough to witness the defeat of his wahabi accomplices and the triumph of the Syrian people, the House of Assad and the Iran-led Axis of resistance.
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