domenica 28 maggio 2017

Bahrein: poster piece for western blatant lies, propaganda and double standard!

In the first few weeks of the international terrorist aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic one of the most oft-quoted and repeated lies of the imperialist and zionist propaganda was that in Daraa, in Damascus, in Homs, Hama and other syrian cities "huge demos" were being held "against the tyrannical Assad regime".

Of course there were no huge demonstrations but, even if there were, they would have not meant that it was legal to upturn a Government elected by the majority of syrian citizens; after all to lash up a "huge demo" one only needs to mobilize a few thousand people, to elect a Government the votes of MILLIONS of citizens are cast.

Yet there is a middle eastern country where "huge demonstrations" are being held not since weeks and not since months but since YEARS AND YEARS, and where, moreover, these demonstrations do actually reflect the will of the overwhelming majority of the populace, yet, firmly entrenched in its arrogance, supported by the most repressive and absolutist kingdoms of the region, sheltered by the complete silence of western mainstream media, a small clique of oppressors clings to power, persecuting, jailing, torturing and killing those brave enough to speak and stand against it.

Of course we're talking about Bahrein, the island-kingdom where the sunni Al-Khalifa dynasty (put in power by the English centuries ago) rules dispotically over a shia population who longs for a chance to have its say in public life.

Bahrein hosts a major u.s. naval base and an air force base as well, and is a vital outpost in the american military network in the Middle East, it's a major customer of american and western weapons, is a part of the Saudi-led coalition which is currently invading and destroying Yemen, thus its corrupt ruling house has complete freedom to oppress and persecute its own citizens....of course if Bahrein, say, would have been a russian or iranian ally we would hear about it every day in the news, with calls to invade or at least bomb it, even with made-up charges, just like we heard about the bogus "Assad chemical attack" or we hear about the "North Korean menace".

That's how warped the western media and propaganda world is...tyrannies slaughtering hundreds to remain entrenched in power go unmentioned, but countries fighting terrorism or pursuing means of defense are vilified and made into "menaces", while western leaders shake hands and ink deals with the major financers and supporters of wahabi and ikhwan terrorism and extremism.

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